Saturday, 9 September 2017

When Our Abusers Stalk Our Anonymous Blogs

Isn’t it interesting that our narcissist abusers, of which we are estranged for years, even decades, somehow manage to “stumble upon” our ANONYMOUS blogs? Actually, it’s not that interesting or unusual. It’s quite common in the ACON community to be under surveillance by the deranged and the estranged. Malignant narcissists are predators who obsessively stalk their prey. This never stops. MNs must always maintain the illusion of power and control over their victim, even after decades of no contact. Going no contact and wanting nothing to do with them upsets the power balance and makes the narcissist feel out of control. Secretly infiltrating our lives, our space, our online group of other like-minded individuals, violating our privacy and even gaslighting via fake comments gives them the power rush they crave and a strong sense of control. 

Typical of covert abusers, narcissists want to stalk us on the sly but at the same time let us know they're watching us. "I can see you, but you can't see me!" It's a never ending invisible war of domination and control. It's a lifelong game of cat and mouse. "You will not expose me! I will expose you first!" The thing is, we don't want to expose them (unless of course they have committed crimes) - that's the point of writing ANONYMOUSLY. But just to trump us, they will out themselves as our abusers to play the victim and rob us of our anonymity. They expose themselves because they are utterly shameless when it comes to their abuses. They expose us because they want control. It's always about power plays with narcissists. Think: 5 year old trapped in the body of an adult throwing temper tantrums, cajoling, manipulating, coercing, LYING and persuading in order to get their way. Narcissists have the emotional and moral maturity of a child. That's why so much of of their behavior defies logic. 

From what I've read, there have been plenty of premeditated invasions of ACON blogs. These narcissists don't just happen to "stumble upon" our blogs. They are hunting us. Some of the more devious MN perpetrators lay in wait for years stalking, spying, monitoring and observing their prey online. They have feeds of our blogs and they take screen shots of the content and even print-out hundreds and hundreds of pages. They are studying us, gathering intelligence and stock piling information that they will twist and turn and try to use against us at a later date… when it suits their nefarious agenda. They compulsively watch and salivate over their prey in a manner similar to those addicted to online pornography. I believe their perverted voyeuristic behavior even gives them an erotic charge. They are captivated by our lives and extremely possessive of those they believe they own; especially the one who got away. Our blogs are a HUGE supply source to the malignant narcissist – a place where we are captured on screen and available to snack-on whenever they feel the need to feed. Sort of like how the Wicked Witch of the West was fixated on Dorothy's journey and hunted her down through a crystal ball. The calculating narcissist lays in wait carefully studying our every move. She plots and plans and schemes and when the time is just right, she sics "her own personal army" of flying monkeys to attack. 

Can you imagine if it was a crime to write ANONYMOUSLY about the abuse inflicted by narcissists? Can you imagine if some "authority" banged down your door, arrested you for blogging ANONYMOUSLY about abuse and gave you a "No Blogging!" order? Can you imagine every ACON being banned from writing or speaking on any social media about abuse because it offends the abuser? Can you imagine facing jail time if you dare write ANONYMOUSLY about the horrendous violence inflicted on you by narcissists? Can you imagine a world run by narcissists, narcissist sympathizers and narcissist appeasers? Can you imagine a world where the malicious narcissist is protected from your outrage at the emotional, psychological and financial crimes committed against you? Can you imagine a world where the traumatized is disempowered, harassed, bullied, abused and OPPRESSED further by being made a criminal for speaking-out about their suffering? 

What if it was illegal for a blogger to write about her life on her own ANONYMOUS blog? Can you imagine if her sadistic abuser was given the power to police her blog about her life? Well, that would be one hell of a power high for the control freak narcissist. Can you imagine if the blogger wrote about her life and was hauled in for questioning, arrested, and threatened with jail in order to "deter" her from writing ANONYMOUSLY about her life in the future? Can you imagine a system made up of narcissistic clowns who dictate what you think, say, and do? Can you imagine a system where it's dangerous to express your thoughts and feelings and the truth; a system that demands silence? 

Welcome to the Cult of Narcissistic Abuse - a means of social control permeating sick, dangerous and dysfunctional environments. Welcome to Draconian Canada - an oppressive country that does the bidding of narcissists and criminalizes the victim for speaking out about injustice and abuse; a country that piles on with the narcissist and breaks the victim's back; a country that re-victimizes survivors of abuse by imposing harsh punishments for expressing ideas, opinions and life experiences creatively... and ANONYMOUSLY. 

Maybe you self-righteous, cyberstalking motherfuckers should spend more time judging the malicious "actions" of the abusers dressed in victim drag and less time condemning the "words" of the true victim.

Read Jonsi’s kick-ass blog post SECURITY BREACH to get an idea of how Narcissist Abusers operate online. Read the comments too. Here are some brilliant quotes:

…. because in the Merry-Go-Round world of the Ciphers and Vandals, they set themselves up to be exposed and then try to shame the Truth-talkers for exposing them: when in reality, the exposure was precisely what they wanted to begin with. 

There isn't anyone more interested in the SHOW of keeping their identities private than the assholes and psychos who know they've got something to hide. In their world, the formula is actually pretty simple: They want to be exposed when, and only when, they feel their followers will still side with them.

In the real world, my formula is simple too: don't give me anything to write about and you won't find yourself subject to my analysis . And if you don't like what I have to say, then move along little doggy.